Java foreigners 2022

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Версия от 17:19, 7 декабря 2022; Dmchub (обсуждение | вклад) (Mini-quizzes)
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General information

Course resources For the access use account

Teaching Staff

  • Tutor: Dmitry Chub

Marks criteria

Home works

4 homeworks are planned. The check includes 2 stages:

  1. Green tests in Yandex.Contest (HW-1,2)
  2. Code review (HW-3,4). During the code review process, you receive feedback from the reviewer. It can be read on the page of your repository with DZ (Project -> Activity) or in automatic emails from Corrections on code review can be done within '1 month' after the 1st comment.
  • Passing after the soft deadline -50%
  • After the hard deadline you can get max 25% from the initial mark.

Home tasks deadlines

Home tasks Soft deadline Hard deadline
[1] 23.11.2022, 23:59 30.11.2022, 23:59
[2] 14.12.2022, 23:59 21.12.2022, 23:59
[3] 15.12.2022, 23:59 22.12.2022, 23:59
JDBC (read csv + queries) -- --


It will be 2 quizzes. You are not allowed to use IDE or the internet. No needs to write a code.

Name Topics Date Duration
Java programming. Quiz #1 Java Syntax. Branches and loops. Primitive types and objects in Java. Casting, unboxing, autoboxing. Exceptions. Arrays and Collections. Strings. Classes (abstract, nested, internal, anonymous, local ...), interfaces. The Object class and everything related to it. Generics, enums (enums as classes). 09.11 20 min.
Java programming. Quiz #2 Continuous Integration. Maven. Java 8. Streams API. Multithreading in Java. Concurrent data structures. Testing. 14.12 15 min.


For being active in the course chat and the classes, you can get an additional +1 point. The number of students who received the bonus is unlimited.