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Планируется 11 домашних заданий.

Проверка: автотестирование.

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  • Лектор
    • Денис Баринов
  • Учебный ассистент
    • Александр Русин

Критерии получения оценки

Домашние задания

  • Домашние задания
  • Сдача домашних заданий

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Writing idiomatic Rust code

Conference talks about Rust

YouTube channels

  • Previous year course - It is highly recommended for viewing if you missed something or did not understand
  • Jon Gjengset YouTube channel - Excellent channel about Rust, especially "Crust of Rust" series, where several topics covered from intermediate to advanced level.
  • Aleksey Kladov YouTube channel - If you're interested in how rust-analyzer works - it's the best channel and the best speaker.

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